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As the President, who I wholeheartedly support, says, we need to support Israel in their time of need. As an American who has proudly worn the uniform of the United States Army and the uniform of a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, the murdering of civilians are acts of evil. I was trained and taught in the Israeli Army, as well as in our nation's proud military (82nd Airborne Division), that civilians are not to be intentionally targeted or harmed. The terrorists in Hamas, as Al Qaeda and ISIS before them, savagely slaughtered helpless families, raped women, burned families alive in cars, took hostages (to prevent Israeli retaliation), beheaded prisoners, executed hundreds of young people at a Peace Festival, and murdered babies.  Hamas's Charter states that Israel must disappear and an Islamic nation must replace it. They are not seeking a peace agreement, They want nothing less than the destruction of Israel and to kill Jews. They must now accept the consequences of their actions. Let's support our President in defending all democratic freedom-loving nations, whether they be Ukraine or Israel!    As President Biden says, "May God bless America and bless our troops!"

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